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Danger Zone Band StL

Is a talented 7-piece band that includes a versatile mix of music professionals lead by 3-time Emmy Award winner and East St. Louis, IL Native Jameal “Morpheus” Williams. The band also includes newcomers to the stage Ms. Brittny Holloway & Maryah Green who are two smooth power house singers with incredible stage resolve. The rest of the band members are: Sean Robinson on Bass, Alex Reyna on Guitar & vocals, Trevon “Tre” Keithley on drums & percussion, and Legendary DJ D2thaC anchoring the group.
Danger Zone Band identifies as an R&B party band in the St. Louis Metropolitan area and are committed to delivering a true live experience to all audiences all over the world. #WeGotNow

upcoming events

April 3, 2022

12 PM - 4 PM

Sunday Brunch

$30 Adults/ $10 Kids 6-12

255 Union Blvd. St. Louis MO.

Every Thursday

7:00 PM

The Sip Spot Presents

Live Band Thursdays

11750 Missouri Bottom Rd. Hazelwood, MO

Every Other Saturday

8:00 PM

Grownfolks Saturdays at Jazzy 159

$10 Cover

5225 N. Illinois St., Fairview Heights, IL

June 19, 2022

7PM - 11PM

Kickback 4 Summer Edition

Sunday, June 19

5225 N. Illinois St. Fairview Heights, IL

July 10, 2022

8PM - Midnight

The Unplugged 90’s Party

CBA Event Center

2619 Washington Blvd. St. Louis MO.

Upcoming Schedule


Jameal "Morpheus" Williams

Band Leader/

In the words of Jill Scott “I was born into it, It comes Naturally”.  I became serious about my craft when life happened and I lost everything and was homeless for 11 months.  I learned how my life and my gift were one in the same.  It literally kept me from losing my mind completely and borught me back grom rock bottom.  For most of us it is all we have ever known since birth.  Some people call it a talent, but for the DZB family it’s an eternal calling and a blood covenant that God holds us accountable to help the world see Him.  MUSIC SAVED MY LIFE!

Maryah Green


My musical history started in church! That’s where I realized I could sing, and I love music! Music found me through an MP3 player my dad gave to me. Which only had three buttons used to operate it. (I’m getting old lol) That green little MP3 player housed the music of Anthony Hamilton, Stevie Wonder, Fred Hamilton, Eric Benét and so on. I got serious about music in church. The church musician Jeremiah Allen did not take any shortcuts! He was thorough and precise! Hearing chords and harmonies made me realize notes have a place. Once everything is in place, a masterpiece is the result.

Alex Reyna


I can remember clear as yesterday when I was 3 years old, listening to a live performance of Beethoven’s Moonlight Sonata, that music brought an emotion out of me that I had no idea I could comprehend at that age. Anyone who knows me knows that I’m a bit obsessive, and might I say a bit religious when it comes to the craft, but I’ve had great instructors and mentors in my upbringing who’ve all shown me one thing, Music is sacred.

Brittny Holloway


Music found me at a very young age. My grandparents, great aunt, and uncles are all pastors who would form me to be a CHURCH BABY! As a young child I was forced to sing in church. But normally when someone is forced to do something…g they really don’t enjoy it. I found myself falling in love with singing. Church is where I found my purpose in music. I fell in love with the dynamic of music not just singing but music. Different instruments, different sounds, different feelings, etc. Music can make you feel so many things… happy, sad, excited, loved, inspirational, and even spiritual. I am a strong believer that music is good for the soul. Besides singing… I like to cook, shop, and eat LOL.

Trevon Keithley


As most already know my mother was my biggest musical influence…She kept me in church which is where music started for me… I started playing at my grandmothers church at the age of 10, and that’s when my music journey sort of began, but I wasn’t completely sure that I was going to be as involved with music just yet. I guess you could say music really didn’t find me until I got to school in Chicago at Columbia College which is like a performing arts school. I moved up there not really sure of what I was going to do but as always, I made a bunch of friends and kind of lived through them and their purpose for a while. It wasn’t until my boy Devay (who in my mind was top dog on keys at my school) asked me to play at this church with him in Chicago. He being who he was I was like if buddy think I’m good enough to play with him I must have something! After that, the rest is history, because at that moment I had found my true purposeful identity. I moved back home to STL & told everyone around me I was going to be a full-time musician…and here we are.

Sean Robinson


Music found me in my youth.  I was walking down the alley and heard a loud bark, and something weird so I began to walk over to the dumpster and boom long behold it was a guitar!  I picked that thing up and started plucking and the rest is history.  I honestly believe I found music at the age of 2 or 3 and it has really saved my life.  When I was going through a rough time in my life my bass was right there to comfort me and I’m forever grateful.  I love music, I love my DZB family and I’m looking forward to touching millions with y’all!

Don "D2thaC" Clair


Don “D2thaC” Clair is no stranger to the music industry nor to the DJ game.  A radio personality since high school (Ritenour) he is the Imaging Coordinator for Audacy St. Louis.  He is a major player in the DJ market and he is also the co-founder of 24 Scientist/One Way Productions as well as CORE DJs.  D2thaC is recognized for his versatile talent as a DJ as well as in studio flexibility to create commercials, edit audio and video, along with music production.  He is an innovator who advances though the St. Louis circuit on the club scenes, private events and more.  An industry vet recognized by many and titled Mix Master by the legendary Cool DJ Red Alert this versatile DJ “D2thaC” is ready to go!


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